About Us

Spectratox Ltd. was launched in 2008 but drug phototoxicity work has been undertaken on this site within the National Photobiology Unit in Dundee, Scotland since the 1980s. Its sole shareholder is the Photobiology Trust, a charitable organisation devoted to the promotion of dermatological research, education and clinical care.  All funds generated through Spectratox are used for further clinical research and educational activities for patient care and benefit. Spectratox is a limited company independent of the National Health Service.



Spectratox Ltd. was built on the expertise and reputations of Professor James Ferguson and Professor Harry Moseley. Together they developed an evidence-based methodology for studying phototoxicity in healthy volunteers. Spectratox Ltd. is now directed and driven by a multidisciplinary team and is uniquely positioned with clinical and scientific expertise in photodiagnosis, in particular monochromator phototesting, and laboratory research including photostability and photosafety. We have a well-established reputation in the field of drug- and chemical-induced phototoxicity. In addition, we have expertise and experience in clinical studies of photoprotective agents. A key component of the strength and success of the Spectratox Team is its truly multidisciplinary nature, with professionals including physicians, medical physicists, biochemists, technicians and nurses.

The team at Spectratox has expertise in:

Clinical ‘healthy volunteer’ studies of drug phototoxicity, photoprotection and light device evaluation

Clinical studies of drug phototoxicity in patients

Clinical trial design, data analysis and interpretation in the context of regulatory requirements

Pre-clinical laboratory studies of photostability, photosafety and phototoxicity

Dosimetry and risk assessment of ultraviolet and visible light sources

Advice on product labelling and clinical management

Phototoxicity testing is carried out on the premises of the National Photobiology Unit at Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, part of NHS Tayside. The National Photobiology Unit has extensive experience and expertise in diagnosing and treating patients with light-sensitive skin diseases, including drug photosensitivity.