Welcome to Spectratox

We test drugs, laser, LED or other light source for phototoxicity on healthy volunteers

Expertise & Services

  • International reputation in UV light measurement and dosimetry built on expertise
  • Multidisciplinary team uniquely positioned with clinical and scientific expertise in photodiagnosis
  • Evidence-based methodology for studying phototoxicity in healthy volunteers
  • A well established reputation for research in the field of drug and chemical induced phototoxicity as well as photoprotection
  • Adopt rigorous quality control
  • Extensive archive of control material
  • Design equipment to embrace the latest developments in optics and drug phototesting

Our clients are pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations from the UK and overseas

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Why we at Shaser would highly recommend Spectratox to undertake your studies

They are experts in the field of phototoxicity/photosensitivity testing with many years experience of phototesting

They are an efficient, friendly, multidisciplinary team

They provide excellent management of our study and we would happily ask Spectratox to undertake future studies